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Love love love....
My best friend is Rian and he is my classmate. We go to campus together. Rian has been my close friend for two years. I first met him on a school exchange trip. I asked him the way to the library and we started talking. We’ve been friends ever since.
Rian comes from an educated family. His father is a school principal and his mother is also a teacher.

He is punctual, well-educated, and has good manners. He is really hard working. He always does his homework. He is also well-dressed and well-behaved. All teachers have a high opinion of him.
Rian has a well-built body. He is gentle but fearless. He takes part in all sports, scout, trekking and mountaineering activities. He has a good heart. He is truthful, honest and obedient.
He also plays the guitar, and he makes his parents very proud of him. He secures good marks and is usually top of his class in examinations. He inspires me to work harder. He keeps me away from bad company.
Rian is quite good-looking and very outgoing. He is always friendly and loves to have fun. He’s got a fantastic sense of humour and he always makes me laugh. However, he can be a bit immature at times. For example, when he doesn’t get what he wants, he acts childishly and stamps his feet. I am happy to have such a friend.

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

My Bestfriend

My Bestfriend

     My name is Annisa. I am nineteen years old. My hobby is singing and I don’t have any special interest at something. I am not good at singing but I love to do it. I always do it when I am alone. I’m not really like studying and reading books. I know that’s important to support my score at school but I have another point of view. For me, studying is not always about reading and doing exercise. Studying is listening to my bestfriend’s story about the subject that she has already read about. She loves reading a lot. She provides me knowledge by listening to her story. She packs the lessons into some interesting stories. I think she has a talent to be a great teacher.

     She doesn’t like to be exposed that she has great talent in packing a lesson into story. I keep that secret from the others. I am afraid if tell it to someone else, she will get angry and doesn’t want to help me anymore. However, I ever did that. I tell it to my teacher and my teacher said it in front of my classmates. You know what happened? She couldn’t get angry with me. Hmm, she was angry but a little. She didn’t want to talk to me for 5 minutes. She is very kind. That’s why she never let me down even though I often make her angry. This is what me love her so much, and I think I would not be happy without my bestfriends.

Minggu, 26 Maret 2017


A. Pre-reading Questions
     1. Robots can help people to do a job everyday in outdoor and indoor.
     2. It could make human beings to be lazy and careless.

B. Reading
  Paragraph 1 : Bill Gates, who made his career in personal computers, believe that the age of home robots has arrived.
  Paragraph 2 : Second, cameras, GPS, and voice recognition software enable robots to react to the world arround them.
  Paragraph 3 : They will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their way into our homes.

C. Identyfying Topic and Main Idea
    1. C.Robots in the home
    2. A.Robots will improve our lives in many ways

E. Identyfying Opinions
    A.All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever
List of jobs if robots to do in the future:
1. Airline pilot. We don't agree, because the robots can endanger the safety of passenger. If robots have demage of a sudden, then the plane cna out of control and had an accident.
2. Cook. We don't agree, because if robots cook something have not a characteristic of its own of cooking. When we try the dish, we can't feel a variant of it.
3. Doctor. We don't agree, because we were afraid something goes wrong in giving treatment. So it could result in death rates high.
4. Police officer. We agree, because robots don't have any feelings to choose the wrong and that's right. So, violators will still get a penalty.
5. Singer. We don't agree, because this is no appreciation in a sing song. So, the audience not be able to enjoy the meaning of the song.
6. Store clerk. We agree, because if a robot to the shoopkeeper, stores will be safer. The robot will also be honest in dealing with finance.
7. Taxi driver. We don't agree, because if robot in to the taxi driver, there won't be a devate between a driver and pessengers. It always agree on where pessenger want.
8. Teacher. We don't agree, because if robot to be a teacher, there is no interaction between teacher and student. It has caused a lack of attention to the student.


Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My Skill
My full name is Annisa Furqonita. But everyone call me with Icha. Since I was baby my family call me with icha until my neighborhood also call me icha. And when I was begin school from kindergarten and from that also my friend call me with icha although my full name is annisa. I was born in 16th of may 1998. I was born in pontianak at jeruju hospital. Until now I often pass and look that hospital. And if I pass it with my family they call its my hospitak because I was born there. Hahaha it’s a nice joke I thing. But in my big family just me was born in that hospital. But there my sister and two of my cousin born in the same hospital but there’s no same with me in my big family.
I am a first child. I have a little sister when I was in 6th grade in elementary school. I’ve one little sister and she is sometime so annoyed although sometime she kind. But we often go anywhere together. She is now in senior high school first grade. She just graduated her junior school this year.
Since I was in elementary school i took english course until i major from senior high school. I am very like english language. And when i was in junior high school and senior high school my friend call me with a dictionary which can walk. Hahaha its so funny when everybody in school call me like that. But I like them call me with it, but I never feel angry with them call me like that. And after I major the senior high school i want take english language in my collage. Till I follow the way with name PMDK to get the university. And I get it but my father prohibit it. He ask me too collage in accounting not in english language. And I approve his ask. And now I’ve been in 6th semester and ofcourse in accounting. But I always try to enjoy my accounting. Because I know from begin enjoying this I can like accounting.
And insya Allah I have one year again to finish my collage. And I am sure after I major the accounting I can get the best work. Why? Because I am sure when people have pray and try harder to get their dream people ofcourse people can get it. I always have dream I work in Bank Indonesia. That’s my big dream to make my parents proud of me. Although I know to get it its so hard its like find needle in a haystack. But everyone must have a big dream although hard to get it.
And if I will major my college next year my sister still in senior high school. She have dream be a doctor. And I also know what her effort until now. She always study seriously. I and my little sister ar have a same dream it is to make our parents happy and proud with us. Me and my family have a good relation. All of us very near one and the other. We often spend our holiday time. And my father have rule if he get holiday me and my sister can’t go anywhere, we just stay at home or go to somewhere together.
Yes this is story of my life. All about me. All of about my education and my family. Im just try to enjoy my life. Enjoy with everyting I do so that live look so easy and beautiful. Although the real life not easy to way it.

Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017


1. How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them.
I used at least six electronics, there are a smartphone, rice cooker, television, fan, vacum cleaner, freezer, etc.
2. What activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?
A communication tool, cooking rice, see information, lowering the temperature, cleaning of dust, refrigerate food, etc. I think if they are can preparing food, make a cake quickly, be a doctor, help do homework, etc.
3. Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What? Why?
There are, for example doing exercise or homework must be done alone, because because it will train our understanding of the tasks assigned.

Adopt : legally take another's child and bring it up as one's own
Effort : a vigorous or determined attempt
Aid : help, typically of a practical nature
Force : strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement
Career : an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress
Oppose : disapprove of and attempt to prevent, especially by argument
Code : a system of words, letters, figures, or other symbols substituted for other words, letters, etc., especially for the purposes of secrecy
Potential : having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future
Doubt : a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction
Serve : present (food or drink) to someone
 About Me

       Good morning friends! My name is Annisa Furqonita. Here I’m going to introduce my self. I was born on sixteenth May 1998 and grown up in Sekadau. I’m studying as first year student in Faculty of Math and Science in this prestigious college, Tanjungpura University. As for my family, I have one brothers while I am the oldest among them. My father is a civil servants in the Department of Education in my city while my mother is a teacher in primary school. I am a friendly and enthusiastic person, honest and flexible to work in anytime. I can work for long time without any taking rest, only if I’m interested in what I am doing. My life philosophy is very simple. If they kind to me, I will be kind to them. 
       I’m interested in so many things such as traveling, listening to music, reading book especially novel, and watching movies. My other hobby is having conversation with my friends. I want to improve my English skills in this college and I’m glad to be here. 
      At first, it takes a long time for me to study English Language. It is very difficult and requires a tremendous amount of patience and hard work to study English Language. I hope that I’ll be able to face these challenges, and hopefully my dream will come true. 
I’m personally interested in becoming an researchers and scientists. However, I should be more realistic and I don’t want to push myself too hard because there are so many different career opportunities available outside there. I believe that looking for a job should be like looking for hobby. 
       As for now I’m only focusing my attention on my study. I’m being confidence myself, dreams and goals that I want to achieve. So this is ‘Me’ standing in front of all of you.. 
Thank you...

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بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم


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